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Our core value is we are committed to changing people's lives. We do this through group training where we create a community of like-minded people, who enjoy training hard together.



We create an environment where you are challenged, learn new skills and have fun alongside other members in the session. Training in pairs or groups allows you to push harder and builds a strong community that you want to be part of.


In our group training environment, individual goals are catered for as our training system has two programmes running alongside each other:


  • The Strong programme: for members whose main focus is to increase strength and build muscle.

  • The Lean programme: for members wanting to lose body fat. 

Musli Mix


It’s a very noisy fitness world. It’s hard to drown out the nonsense when it comes to nutrition and what to eat to support your goals. 


We believe in educating our members on nutritional principles, providing a sense of empowerment and enabling a thorough understanding of exactly what is required to achieve personal results. 


Our members will have choice and flexibility so they can avoid strict diets that cut out food groups which leave them unsatisfied and cause a relapse.


We will supply you with all the information and support you need to understand different aspects of nutrition through our own 4 stage nutrition process.



From working in the fitness industry for many years we have realised there is no secret training program or diet to get results. Having someone to keep you accountable increases your chance of sticking to a plan for a long period of time.


Here at Ballistic Performance, we have two ways to keep you accountable: 


  • Your assigned coach checking in with you, making sure you are on track with your nutrition.

  • Fellow gym members waiting for you at each session.



We have designed your facility specifically to meet the needs of all your goals; whether that is getting leaner, fitter, stronger or healthier, we measure, assess and progress upon them all.


The custom-built facility was designed with our training system in mind, so your sessions can run smoothly and fluently, allowing uninterrupted, engaging, fun sessions.

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